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Shirley Temple appeared in more than 40 films for 20th Century Fox, Paramount, MGM, and Warner Brothers, in addition to her work in television and radio.  

Feature Films

The Red-Haired Alibi 1932

Out All Night  1933

To the Last Man 1933 (uncredited)

Carolina1934 (scenes cut)

As the Earth Turns 1934 (uncredited)

Stand Up and Cheer! 1934

Baby Take a Bow 1934

Bright Eyes 1934

Change of Heart 1934

Little Miss Marker 1934

Now I'll Tell 1934

Now and Forever 1934

George White's Scandals 1934

The Little Colonel 1935

Our Little Girl 1935

Curly Top 1935

The Littlest Rebel 1935

Captain January 1936

Poor Little Rich Girl 1936

Dimples 1936

Stowaway 1936

Wee Willie Winkie 1937

Heidi 1937

Ali Baba Goes to Town 1937

Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm 1938

Little Miss Broadway 1938

Just Around the Corner 1938

The Little Princess 1939

Susannah of the Mounties 1939

The Blue Bird 1940

Young People 1940

Kathleen 1941

Miss Annie Rooney 1942

Since You Went Away 1944

I'll Be Seeing You 1944

Kiss and Tell 1945

Honeymoon 1947

The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer 1947

That Hagen Girl 1947

Fort Apache 1948

Mr. Belvedere Goes to College 1949

Adventure in Baltimore 1949

The Story of Seabiscuit 1949

A Kiss for Corliss 1949

America at the Movies 1976 (as Herself)

Baby Burlesks

Runt Page 1931 (uncredited)

War Babies 1932

The Pie-Covered Wagon 1932

Glad Rags to Riches 1932

Kid in Hollywood 1932

The Kid's Last FightShirley 1932

Kid 'in' Africa 1932

Polly Tix in Washington 1933

Other short film credits 

Dora's Dunking Doughnuts1933

Merrily Yours 1933

What's to Do? 1933

Pardon My Pups1934

Managed Money 1934

New Deal Rhythm 1934

Mandalay 1934

The Hollywood Gad-About (as herself) 1934 

Our Girl Shirley (as herself) 1942

American Creed (as herself) unknown

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