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The Little Princess

A true Shirley Temple classic. Perfect for the whole family. An aristocratic child forced by fate from her home in India to a cheerless London boarding school. 

Shirley Temple the Early Years Vol 1.jpg

The Early Years, Volume 1.

 Shirley Temple's first work, these rare short films made in 1932 are the ones that launched her to stardom. 

Shirley Temple the Early Years Vol 2.jpg

The Early Years, Volume 2

Rare Shirley Temple films from her early years that launched her amazing career making her a star. From the personal collection of Shirley Temple herself. Restored and in Vibrant Color! 

Ultimate Shirley Temple Storybook Collection DVD Set.jpg

Ultimate Shirley Temple Storybook Collection DVD Set: The Little Mermaid/The Land of Oz/The Reluctant Dragon/The Terrible Clockman/The House of the Seven Gables/Winnie the Pooh/Babes in Toyland/Early Years Vol. 1 & 2.

Shirley Temple Little Darling Collection.jpg

Shirley Temple Little Darling Collection

Includes Baby Take a Bow, The Blue Bird, Bright Eyes, Captain January, Curly Top, Dimples, Heidi, Just Around the Corner, The Little Colonel, Little Miss Broadway, The Little Princess, The Littlest Rebel, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, and Stand Up and Cheer!

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